Change is the only Constant

Wireless Electricity

I’m not sure you’ve heard this one before, but besides all the rest Nicola Tesla discovered, he also found out that electricity can be transmitted wirelessly! What a brilliant idea that was! Even today, it feels a bit like science fiction in my ears (if Tesla was not a time traveler, I’m not sure who could ever be one…)!

Imagine ALL the electric wires disappearing from the face of the earth at last! Well, it has already begun. Let’s take a look at HOW something like that is even possible.

To understand wireless electricity we must first bring up the alternate current (AC), which Tesla also discovered. AC is the flow of electrons through a conductor that alternates back and forth. Tesla knew that when you alternate current you create a magnetic field. Conversely, if you oscillate a magnetic field and move a wire into it, that wire will conduct AC.

Now, let’s imagine a transmitter that converts AC to a magnetic field. Our device will pick up the field and convert it back to AC. It is a simple and beautiful idea, but it can only be applied through a certain phenomenon, called magnetic resonance energy transfer.

All magnetic fields vibrate at a resonant frequency. If two nearby fields have the same resonant frequency, they transfer energy very efficiently over long distances. Without this phenomenon, wireless electricity won’t transmit far enough to be useful.

In wireless electricity, the transmitter and device are vibrating at the same resonant frequency. This was not an easy task for Tesla, although in 1899 he powered 200 lightbulbs from 26 miles away.

With today’s technological advancements wireless electricity is about to hit the market in a big way. Just imagine transmitters that look like picture frames providing power to light and laptops or phone chargers that start charging your phone right when you sit down at your desk.

Endless possibilities are born, out of an outstanding visionary.

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Until then, let’s see what will change!

Change is the only Constant

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